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The Science Behind the Credibility Analytics System

Voice Analytics and emotion intelligence built by science, tested and used for 20 years

Voice Analytics

Background of CRS Voice Analytics

Who is the person speaking?

Each of us have unique characteristics on our voice, and you will hear this called a voice print analysis.

What is being said?

When you or the system understands the textual message being delivered, or also called speech-to-text

How does the person feel?

What are the emotions that we feel at the time we are speaking. This is the focus of the Credibility Rating System


The Credibility Rating System was developed independently from the AI Analytics engine

This technology is also used by security applications, financial fraud prevention, medical and psychological use

There is no such thing as a REAL lie-detector, but emotional analytics can be used to determine risk, anger, happiness and more

How it Works

The MyCredibility Voice analysis engine uses multiple steps to get the information you and your Prospects want to see.  It includes Optimization, segmentation of the data, extraction of indicators, Frequency analysis, time-line analysis and calculation of the emotional output scores.

List of Emotions and scores

The Magic is in the Details

Read below to understand how to use your References to leverage and build your Credibility

This information provides the details of the MyCredibility Score and what it means to you and your Prospects

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