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MyCredibility Platform

Three simple steps with amazing power.  Create your Profile, Gather your Credibility Certified References and Send to Prospects.

MYC Dashboard


Nurse Profile
Freelancer Profile
Profile office guy
Tradeshow profile
Women Profile
Shopping Profile


You have many roles in life, and you build your Credibility in multiple ways.  MyCredibility allows you to create multiple Profiles.  Some suggestions:

  • Sales Executive

  • Job Seeker

  • Freelancer

  • Nurse or Doctor

  • HR Recruiter

  • Any others you want

Profile Features

Profile Screenshot

Hover over Blue Dots for more information

Your Rating based on the Average ratings given to your References

Multiple Profiles based on your role and need

You can Upload your Resume and other Work Docs to send to Prospects.

Your Introduction text that will be sent to prospects along with your video.

You can also add your skills for this Profile

Your Profile Picture and Contact Information

Add your Experience, jobs, and successes to send to References and Prospects


Video References are at the core of the MyCredibility platform.  Each User can request multiple references directly from the MYC application, sending their Profile by email.

Once the Person reciveves the request, they get a single Code to enter the system without the need to create an account and record their Reference


Reference Scores screenshot
MYC Score Detail chart

Reference Score

The Patented Credibility Management System takes the video recording that the Reference provides and we apply Advanced AI technolgoy and Voice Analtyics to help you decide if you want to use that Reference or not.

Prospects can now see that your References have Credibility.  They are not just random, fake, made up or inaccurate.  For more information click on the button here.

Reference Features

Hover over Blue Dots for more information

Reference screenshot

The User's Rating given by the Reference manually, along with their Relationship

The References Credibility Score and the Risk Profile of their Video

Text Reference that goes along with the video. This will display in the email to the Prospect

The Reference's contact information for the User and Prospect.

10 Emotional detail scores that make up the Credibility Rating of the References video statement

The Reference Video, from 15 to 60 seconds long and this is what is used to generate the Credibility Score. Prospects can play the video


All of the MyCredibility subscription plans include unlimited Prospects, since this is the whole point.  Send your Profile, Credibility Certified References and all your work experience to anyone with an email.

Hiring managers, new clients, Sales Prospects, even tire kickers. They can provide their feedback, and you can track all your Prospects sends all in one place.


Job tracker

Send to Prospects

Hover over Blue Dots for more information

Pospect email screenshot

The MyCredibility Scores for each of your References are displayed here

Thi is your Introduction Video you are sending to your Prospect

Each Prospect gets a unique code both for security and so they don't need to create an account.  Just view your info.

Your Introduction to the Prospect. Make it compelling!

This is the Average rating given to you by your References. Including the Rating and the CRS score

Your Contact information, that will change based on the Profile that you used to send your Prospects

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