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  • How do I create an account?
    Simply sign up for the service at the Register page here. You can get started for FREE, and then upgrade later, or choice the plan that best fits you now. You will get a new account, an email with your password and you are ready to login.
  • What are the different types of subscriptions?
    There are three levels you can chose from. You can view them, sign up or change your subscription in the SETTINGS page. FREE - This account allows you to get started with a Profile and a Reference to show you how powerful the MyCredibility solution can be. You can send that to an unlimited number of Prospects Professional - This is our most popular account and it is great for most regular users. It gives you 5 profiles and 10 References and an unlimited number of sends to Prospects Enterprise - This subscription is for users who want to make more money and save time running their Freelancer business. It provides up to 10 Profiles and 30 References and an unlimited number of sends to Prospects.
  • How do I upgrade my subscription if I need more References?
    If you are on a Free account at MyCredibility you can upgrade to either the Professional or Enterprise level. Login to the MyCredibility application and Check out the options in the SETTINGS page. Select the plan that meets your needs and check out through our secure process using Stripe.
  • How do I change my password?
    You can change your password from the SETTINGS page once you login. If you have forgotten your password you can use the link in the LOGIN PAGE for “forgot my password” and a secure email will be sent with a link to reset your password.
  • How do I close my Account?
    To close your MyCredibility account please send an email to and we will make sure your subscription is canceled. As a reminder, no refunds will be given for remaining days in the month you cancel. In addition, you may be charged an extra month if you cancel before the end of an annual subscription due to discounts you received.
  • Can I have more than one free account?
    No. One user can only have one Free account, and that includes trying to use different emails for the same user, which is forbidden. Please see the MyCredibility TERMS OF USE page for more information.
  • What or who is a Prospect?
    A Prospect is someone that you want to send a particular Profile and References to. For example, you are applying for a job to be a web developer. The company has asked you to send them a list of references. You would send your Web Developer Profile and References to that Prospect. You can send your Profile and References to anyone, for any reason. Some of the best Prospects are: HR Hiring Managers People who want to hire your for a freelance gig Sending information about your product or services to a new Client Job Recruiters who want to learn about you Friends or new acquaintances to introduce yourself Social Media requests LinkedIn requests
  • How do I create a Prospect?
    Once you have created a complete Profile, and have at least one Reference, you can then send them to a Prospect. Login to the MyCredibility Web App, and then you can create a Prospect by first clicking PROSPECTS at the side of the MyCredibility homepage. Then you click on the CREATE A PROSPECT button. Or, you can use the PROSPECT WIZARD that will guide you through the steps and check to make sure you have it correct.
  • How do I access my Prospects?
    First, login to the MyCredibility Web App, and then you can access your Prospects by clicking the PROSPECTS button at the side of the MyCredibility homepage.
  • What is a Reference or a Testimonial Request?
    Any Person can be a reference for you, your work, as a friend, co-worker or family member. References are used to build your Credibility through video testimonials, text and a given you a Star Rating from 1-5. You can request references from the MyCredibility Application using the Wizard or the direct request. Once they are received, you can then send them along with your Profile to Prospects to get the gig!
  • How do I create or request a Reference to be recorded?
    Once you log into the application, you can create a reference request by first clicking REFERENCES in the main menu of MyCredibility homepage. Then you click on the REQUEST A REFERENCE button. Or you can use the REFERENCE WIZARD that will walk you through the easy process step-by-step.
  • Can I edit a reference Request?
    You can edit the Reference request only before sending it out. Once a Reference Request has been sent it can not be edited. You may, however, delete a Reference and request it again from the same person with the edits you needed to make.
  • How long does it take for a reference request to get delivered?
    Reference Requests usually take approximately five mins to get delivered, depending on the person’s email services. Always make sure that you, your References and Prospects check their Spam folders just in case it gets routed there.
  • How do I access my References?
    You can access your References by clicking the REFERENCES button at the side of the MyCredibility homepage. There will be complete list of your references.
  • What is "My Code"?
    MyCredibility Codes are used for two purposes: Reference Requests: Since References do not need to sign up on MyCredibility to be a Reference a unique code is to identify them. The code is also assigned to a Reference request in order to match that video testimonial to the right user and profile. It also increases security so that only those videos you requested are given. Prospects: Prospects are not required to create a user account on MyCredibility so this code is used to identify them so that can view your References and Profile.
  • What do I do if I get an email with a request Code?
    If you are a registered MyCredibility user, then you can use this code, after logging into your account, to either be a Reference for someone or review someone’s Profile and References you have received. You can be all three types of users in Credibility: Users, References, and Prospects.
  • What is a Profile?
    A Profile is information about you, your experience, skills and work. In short, your Credibility. You can have multiple Profiles based on any role. Examples would be “Web Developer” or “Real Estate Agent”. You will send your Profile to References and to Prospects. Create your PROFILES here.
  • How do I create a Profile?
    You can create a Profile by either using the PROFILES WIZARD or the CREATE A PROFILE menu options under the PROFILES main menu selection
  • How do I access my Profiles?
    You can access your profiles by clicking the PROFILES button at the side of the MyCredibility homepage.
  • How do I edit my Profiles?
    Once you create your Profiles you can edit them in the application by selecting the blue edit Icon under the ACTION column on the right. Select Profiles, My Profiles, Edit Button.
  • How many Profiles can I create?
    The number of profiles you can create is based on the type of membership you have. Check your SETTINGS to see what your current plan is and how to add features.
  • Why can't I change a Profile Name after I create it?
    Your Profiles are related to the References that are received, therefore you want to make sure that those references are given for the skills, experience and information provided only in that Profile. Otherwise, you may end up with References that are not relevant to the role that is part of your Profile.

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