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Let your Customers Tell your Story with AI Validated Video References

MyCredibility provides a patented AI software process where users can record credibility certified video testimonials that showcase their skills and experience to share with their prospects.

MyCredibility enables jobseekers, freelancers, recruiters, HR professionals and anyone who wants to accelerate sales.

Built for Individuals, Enabled for Business

Social proof of your credibility, build for Sales people, job seekers, freelancers, gig workers and professionals looking to increase trust

Why Use MyCredibility?

Each video is run through our AI Engine that determines the Credibility of the person and their statements. Now your Clients can see Social and AI proof that your References are legitimate.

AI Credibilty Score

Credibility certified videos and testimonials prove to Prospects that you deliver on your promise, do the best job for them and deliver results. Leverage your best asset, your customers.

Build Trust

Uncover valueable insights and feedback from your clients to help better serve their needs.  The more that you understand the better you can target your Prospects.

Customer Insight

Use AI Validated Video References

MyCredibility helps you provide Prospects with the data they need to engage with you

  • Create multiple profiles based on your role to target the business you want

  • Automatically send emails to References and they can record without signing up

  • Send directly to Prospects and track your progress right in the app with Job Tracker

MyCredibility Video References
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See References in a whole new way

Show Prospects that your References have Credibility

Leverage your experience and skills with multiple Profiles or roles. Web developer, Real Estate Agent, Doctor, Recruiter, Sales Executive.

Leverage your best asset, your customers. Gather a library of AI validated and scored Video Testimonials you can use over and over to accelerate your Credibility.


Share your Profile and References to anyone. Hiring managers, Sales Prospects, Clients, Friends.  Anyone you want to impress.


Increase Your Credibility
In Three Easy Steps

Your Profile

Doctor Credibility

"My patients can instantly see my Credibility as a Doctor, increasing trust."

- Dr. Mike M., Physician

Job Seeker

"With MyCredibility I increased my gig wins by over 40% on competitive sites."

- Jacob, Web Designer


"Now when I send over a Job Candidate they really stand out from the others."

- Phyllis E., HR Recruiter

HR Teams
Woman Recruiter

MyCredibility makes it easy for any sales team to send References to Prospects.  Include your Credibility rating, resume, Product or Services data sheets, and more.  Close the deal faster.

Acclerate Sales
Attach PDF
Video References
MyCredibility Score

Send MyCredibility scored video references 

Now you can deliver certified honest, truthful and direct References to your Prospects using our patented AI Voice and Video Analytics

Send hiring managers complete Candidate profiles based on role, including resume, work experience, skills and work examples. And of course, Certified Video References for each.

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