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Leverage your Credibility 

Send to Prospects

Multiple Profiles


Start with the Send To Prospect Wizard

Once you login, select PROSPECTS on the left, and then PROSPECT WIZARD.  You will see that there are 4 easy steps. Select the Prospect that you want to send our references to, and what information you want to include.


Select References to Send

Create and list out your skills that References and Prospects will see that show your Profile's credibility.  Then select the level of experience you have in that skill: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert. 

Artificial Inteligence Video ratings
Select Prospect


Select your Prospect target

You can create as many Prospects you would like in the Prospect tracker.  Once you create them they can be used here to send your references and your profile, along with your documents.


Record an Intro video to the Prospect

This is your chance to tell the prospect about you, your skills, and what your goals are, all in video.  Ask for the job, show  them your products, deliver your pitch and back it up with your Client Referenes.

Send video introductions to Prospects
Preview, send and get Feedback


Review and send to your Prospect

Review your Introduction video, the introduction text for the email you wrote and make sure your references align with your goals.  Once you are ready, send it!

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