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Impress with Video References

MyCredibility Solutions
Job Seekers

Looking for a career change, a new job or way to stand out from the crowd

Get the job!

Send your Video Introduction

Create multiple profiles with your skills, work experience, resume and work product.  Then record a CUSTOM video introducing yourself to your Prospect.  Clearly standout from the rest.

Job Tracker

With each unique Profile you can send a custom resume, sample work products, videos, and more.  Send an email with your references to Hiring managers before they even ask you for them.

Send your resume, experience, samples and video

Credibility is what others say about YOU

Your colleagues, friends, mentors can directly record a video for you, or even upload one, that you can use over and over to send to Prospects. Along with your Star rating for each profile.

Leverage Job sites and Recruiters

Follow up to Jobs on other platforms

Once you see a job you are interested in, send your MyCredibility profile and references to stand out.  This Includes your 5-star rating, resume, work samples and experience.

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