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Get quality references from Candidates

MyCredibility Solutions
HR Professionals

Recruiters, HR Professionals, Hiring managers and Strategic Resourcing

Job Candidates

Candidate Profiles & Resumes

Cadidates send you their Profile that matches the role you are hiring for.  It includes a list of skills,work experience and attached work samples and their Resume, ready for your review.

View Video References with Credibility Ratings

Watch up to 3 video References from the Candiate and view their Star ratings. It includes direct text-based feedback as well, so that you can really find the right fit for your role. 

HR Managers
Send your Resume, work and product samples

Send to Resumes & Documents to Hiring Managers

Along with Candidate Profiles are resumes, work product and examples that you can forward on to the hiring manager so that are prepared for interviews with the Candidate. Speed up the process with MyCredibility

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