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Request and manage testimonials

Video References

References Wizard


Start with the References Wizard

Once you login, select REFERENCES on the left, and then PROFILE WIZARD.  You will see that there are 4 easy step to send a Reference Request. Make sure that your Profile matches the request that you are making


Your Reference Information

Enter the information about who your reference is, their name and email so that the MyCredibility platform can send them an email with your request.  It will include your profile information for them to review.

Reference Info
Record Intro


Record your Introduction Video

You want to make a compelling case and ask the person to record a reference video for you.  This is your chance. Record, watch and re-record until you get it right, or even upload a professional video you created elsewhere.


Ask for the Reference

Now is your chance to type up your reference request that goes along with your video.  We give you some sample text to use, or you can write your own custom message before you send.

Enter Reference Request
Reference Request


Review and Send

You are ready to send you request.  Your Request will be sent by email from MyCredibility and they will have the option to click on it and record a video on the MyCredibility Platform.  They do not need to join to be a Reference.  Now, you can send it to Prospects.

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