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The first step to building your Credibility

Creating Your Profiles

Accelerate your job seach


Start with the Profile Wizard

Once you login, select PROFILES on the left, and then PROFILE WIZARD.  You will see that there are 5 easy steps. You can create multiple profiles.  Give you Profile a name, based on the job, gig, role or information that you want to build Credibility for.


List your Skills

Create and list out your skills that References and Prospects will see that show your Profile's credibility.  Then select the level of experience you have in that skill: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert. 

List all of your Skills
Show all your Experience


Enter your Work Experience

List companies, people, jobs, gigs and more that shows what experience you have in this Profile role.  Enter the current status of the experience, dates that you worked, and a detailed description of why you were successful. 


Upload your Resume and Work Samples

Upload a PDF, Word Document or other types of documents that you want to send to References and Prospects.  This could be images of your work, examples, product information, data sheets and more!

Upload your Resume and Work Samples
Stand out to Hiring managers


Review and Save your Profile

Now you can see a list of your Profiles, your picture, skills, experience and once you get References, your overall Star Rating that you have received.  Now you are ready to leverage your Credibility.

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