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About Us

Built for Freelancers, Gig workers, 

Job Seekers, Sales Professionals and HR Recruiters

A Proven and Patented Process

The MyCredibility reference management system is a US Patented process that provides a way for people to leverage their credibility through video References, Scoring and a unique method of delivery. 

The Credibility system was first developed in 2011 by two IT executives.  They later sold their company to Dunn & Bradstreet, but kept the Patent and continued to refine MyCredibility process for personal use.

10 Years in the Making

Native Cloud SaaS Solution

Built from ground up on the Cloud in order to provide the best support, service and security. Nothing to install, simply login, create your profile, gather references and send to your Prospects

Build your Credibility
"With MyCredibility I increased my gig wins by over 40%"
Jacob, Web Designer
Medical Professional Credibility
"My patients can instantly see my Credibility as a Doctor, increasing Trust"
Mike M., Physician 
HR Recruitment
"Now when I send over a Candidate they really stand out from the others."
Phyllis E., HR Recruiter 

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